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We've been creating & spreading beauty around the world for over 135 years.

Avon is one of the brands owned by Bin Zagr, and it is one of the leading Saudi companies in the direct selling of cosmetics, with a group of Saudi workforce, making Avon in the platinum range according to the Nitaqat program for the localization of facilities. 

Proceeding from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its programs, the women’s file has received great attention from the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and therefore from the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, by allocating one of the vision’s goals to ensure increased participation of women in the labor market, and from this point Avon contributed to creating an integrated environment that supports Saudi women and their development for the labor market.



means we want to live and work in an environment where communications are open — where people feel free to take risks, to share their points of view and to speak the truth as they see it. Trust people to do the right thing — and help them to understand your underlying reasoning and philosophy — and they
won’t disappoint.


helps us to value differences, to appreciate each person for her or his unique qualities. Through respect, we help bring out the full potential of
each person.


is the cornerstone of empowering Associates to assume responsibilities and be the very best they can be. Believe in someone — and show it — and that person will move mountains to prove you’re right.


simply means we’re not always right — we don’t have all the answers — and we know it. We’re no less human than the people who work for
us, and we’re not afraid to ask for help.


should be the hallmark of every Avon Associate. In setting and observing the
highest ethical standards and doing the right thing, we fulfill a duty of care, not only to our Representatives and customers in the communities we serve, but to our colleagues and ourselves.

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+39 years

Avon has been serving the kingdom creating jobs for women in beauty sector


Direct selling company


Avon Beauty fan around the kingdom

13 Region

Avon Beauty Fan covering 5 main divisions for 13 regions in Saudi Arabia